City Centre 2000 is an inspirational, interactive tour throughout the famous “Marikenstraat” in Nijmegen, for groups, companies, schools and other establishments. In this architectural tour, I will show you around in the Marikenstraat, the Mariënburg chapel, the public library and ART-house LUX. The urban design, by Sjoerd Soeters has in 2002 been awarded the European Award International Council of shopping Centers.

The tour starts with a “short” introduction of the Urban concept, after which I will guide the group through the urban fabric and point to the elaborate architectural details, in a very interactive manner. During this tour, I constantly try to provoke and surprise everyone present. I will reveal among other things, the completely different facades in the Marikenstraat, tell some amusing anecdotes about the project and show you a variety of different aspects, which the architects have considered during the design process…

For additional information, please contact me on  info@michielvanzoest.nl